Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Spooktacular Wallpaper 2012

It has been quite some time since I last posted. 10 months? 7 years? Who knows? Well, I guess you could check my last post date but that would be way too obvious.

Bottom line-I suck. I have let all 11 of my followers down and the few random people who try to do legitimate google searches and end up here. To you, I apologize.

To the few that have gone here during the last 10 months-7 years looking for new material, I do not apologize. Go get a job! Oh, you do have one and that saying doesn't apply? Never mind.

Okay, I've gotten way off track. As usual. Already. So a lot has happened in the last 10 months but now is not the time for that.

Now is the time you have been waiting a looong and frightful time for. IT'S HALLOWEEN WALLPAPER TIME!


What you are about to see will most likely kill you with fright. You should probably save it to your computer background before looking at it because you when you are dead, you're going to want a pretty sweet background.

But seriously, I've clearly upped my pedigree. You will notice I can now draw TWO different types of bats AND I added a skeleton. What art class have I been going to for the last 7 months to 10 years to draw such impressive Halloween drawings? None!!!!!! Self-taught biatches.

Happy Halloween my squirrels; I hope yours doesn't suck.


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