Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Puppies in Halloween Costumes

In light of my last super depressing post, I was thinking we should brighten things up around here. And if there is one thing that I know can make any one's day better, it's dogs in Halloween costumes.

If you don't think this is adorable, you need to go to a doctor, because you are sick.

Case in point:

This is a pug. In a darth vader costume. A PUG IN A DARTH VADER COSTUME!!! I am already getting too excited for this. It's also hilarious because pugs are notoriously loud breathers. Do you know who else is? DARTH MOTHER F*CKING VADER!!!

Okay, this is only going to get worse, so get ready to DIE from ADORABLENESS!!

E.T. Phone Hoooome

That dog looks freaked out. It's so awesome.

Yes, I like pugs. And yes, that is a pug dressed as Christian Bale. The only thing that could have made this costume better? If he was dressed as Christian Bale as a Newsie!!

This one is either Tracy Jordan as The Ladies man, or my dad in his wedding picture (side fro).

This is the cutest damn thing in the world. Period. I'd like to do a Rictuesempra spell on this one!

You know how girls get at Halloween, I call this one slutty, oops, I mean "Sexy" Sailor!

These dogs are dressed up as the twins in the Shining. If you enter, you win a visit from Johnny.
Sexy sailor #2. See girls, you do have options. Don't be cornered into just one type of slutty outfit. Also, the over the shoulder look always works.


It's Scuba Steve! How is he going to swim with those adorable little flippers on his paws?!?!

You know how there's always at least one person who is too cool to wear a Halloween costume? This is that guy. Notice how he's not looking over the shoulder so he's so cool he's not even trying to be sexy.

That guy is lame. WEAR A COSTUME!

This puppy isn't adorable. This puppy is suffering from clinical depression. All jokes aside, puppy depressino is a serious issue that affects 1 out of every  9,837 puppies. Do you think your puppy is depressed? Call 1-800-puppy-eyes to get help now.

Happy Halloween my meatballs!

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  1. If you're going at a sci-fi themed costume party, that dog in the Darth Vader costume would definitely be the apple of everybody's eyes at that party!