Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween 2010

This is me being super scary last year.

I used to be really into Halloween.  It was my favorite holiday.  I loved the idea of dressing up and being someone different for the day. And despite the excuse for women everywhere to take the opportunity to dress like whores, I still liked expressing myself via a more conservative t-shirt. But for some reason I’m just not into it this year. Although there are a lot of parties going on, I’m just not feeling very festive.

I do want to make sure I pay my rent by the end of the month…so I guess that is sort of a trick or treat. Treat = I will have someplace to live next month. Trick = oops, late fee or eviction!

When I had a puppy, I bought him like 3 Halloween costumes. There is nothing like seeing a tortured cute little thing dressed up as a carrot or something. For some reason (well actually I know the reason), I have really been obsessed with pirates lately so I think I would dress up my puppy as a pirate. I wonder if it would really mess up their depth perception or ability to walk if one eye was covered up.

Spongebob Loves Halloween! (Mostly becauses he loves everything) Arrrrgh!!

I am not sure if this is cruel or amusing, but I think it would be funny.

Look at the joy on their faces!

So I hope you enjoy your Halloween and have a grand time!! Or a frightful time! Or just a normal time…either way I hope you spend it with people you care about and you get more treats than tricks.

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