Thursday, October 21, 2010


If this guy had a time machine, he would have thx in his signature line.  His name would also be J$.
I admit I’m a horrible texter, and I’ll get into my T9 deficiencies another time (something to look forward to!!!!), but while I understand the reason to shorten words if you’re texting, why do so in a work email?

Some individuals where I work have “Thx” in their signature line. Seriously dude, you created a signature to go out with every email you write, every WORK email, and you decided the extra two seconds it was going to take you to write Thank You or Thanks instead of Thx was worth the loss in professionalism? I mean it’s a signature so you only have to write it one time and then it is always there. It’s even better when it’s not capitalized “thx”…yep, good call on saving the time it would have taken to capitalize that T.

I decided that when I get an email from those individuals, I am going to write back in back. Something like:

Dear Work Guy:

Wtf? “thx”, really? Ur email was so gr8t, but iwill get 2that wrk l8r, maybe 2moro, b/c I’z buzay doing notha!!

thx (lmao!!!),

It’s going really well so far; they don’t email me anymore.

Update: Completely true and fantastic timing! I was just informed that my friend received a work email from someone (for the sake of protecting his privacy let’s say his first name is “John”) and his last name is Money. You will never guess… okay I’ll tell you. He signs his work emails J$. Awesome. J$, you just made my day. And congratulations!! You just won the first DB award on my blog!!! Your congratulatory e-mail is on its way.


-N$ (Okay, so it doesn’t work as well, but I'm still going for it)

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