Friday, October 22, 2010


I have received some constructive criticism (by one of the few people that reads this-hi!), that some of my posts are too negative and self-depreciating. I have been informed by another one of my friends (hi!) that this blog very accurately portrays my personality. Well….A+B=C.

However, in order to accommodate the broad spectrum of my mass audience, I have decided to take into consideration this request and decided bring a little bit more joy into this page. Also, to explain, I think of myself as saying really mean things, but with a smile! I’d like to put in a lot more visuals on the page…but I’m just not technically inclined. I am working on it. So what I’m saying is…it’s supposed to be ironic.

Having said that, here is some pure happiness and joy for your viewing pleasure. Try not to burst with happiness!! There might be a weekly Happiness post just to keep the dark thoughts at bay.

I will call him Felix.

You said it!
Make a Wish!

Are you happy yet????

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