Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Wallpaper

Due to requests for me to post of my original drawings (and if you're wondering which ones are the original drawings just look through all my posts and find the most awesome pictures you have ever seen....and that is them), I have drawn for your viewing pleasure and use, a Halloween background.

Feel free to download this and use as your wallpaper to impress your co-workers and friends.

You will see that I very clearly and concisely signed this drawing in the bottom right-hand drawer so you can scratch that idea of selling this on the black market for millions.


 Update: I have increased the size to make this easier for you to download.  also...if you take my picture and write your name over it...THAT IS STILL STEALING! And I will hunt you down and steal back my creative art work.

Update #2: While I debated labeling my artwork, I realized that it was even harder to write (see for example my name).  Those are not, if you wondering, seagulls.  Those are bats.  Also, yes the ghost is mildy depressed and the pumpkin is schizophrenic.  But I'm sure you could tell by the depth of character I put into them.

UPDATE 3#:  Oh my god you people are awesome!!  I was "tagged" in a photo on facebook and clicked on the link unsuspectingly.  Up comes this:

After all the people that told me my artwork would never be accepted by the public, by all the haters who said the picture is too small....well TAKE THAT WORLD!!!  I also got notices that my artwork was on computer backgrounds in other states around the world.  This day was the proudest so far...thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to read my unedited ramblings and to share it with the world.  I honestly didn't think a single person would actually use the picture, but it made my day and more.  So thanks!  And hope you got some joy out of it too!

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