Sunday, May 1, 2011

National Poetry Month

As many of you know, April is National Poetry Month (please ignore the fact that technically it's May).

As an artist of not only the canvas (i.e. computer screen) but also the written word, I have decided to engage in some “festive poetry”. As some of you may remember from my law school finals breakdown, I tend to dabble in the art of haikuism. Hmm, apparently my spellcheck doesn’t think haikuism is a word. I guess the programmers have not mastered my same level of vocabulary. The “man” is always trying to confine me-not let my creativity reign. Case in point, my spellcheck also tells me dranks isn’t a word. How is that not a word? “Let’s go get some dranks!” There, I used it in a sentence.

Back to poetry. Some people like to write about landscapes-rushing water, streaming waterfalls… hang on, I have to run to the restroom. True story. Okay I’m back. I have a very small bladder. I’m not sure if this true as when I was getting an ultrasound during my pre-Crohn’s/what the f-is wrong with me stage, I was too embarrassed to ask the ultrasound tech about the size of my bladder. Now I really wish I had. I once told the spouse of one of my co-workers that I have a small bladder the second I met her. I was on my way to the bathroom and this seemed like a good ice breaker. Based on the look on her face and the fact that when I got back from the restroom everyone knew about my small bladder, I learned I’m not as good at cocktail parties as I originally thought.

Okay, really back to poetry. Some poets like to write about the agony in life-“oh this boy I liked didn’t pick me for dodgeball, MY LIFE IS OVER! Why does everyone hate me so much?!” Why so negative? Why so dramatic? Oh wait, that does sound like me….only substitute that sentence for everything--well come on, negative can be funny. Also, it might have tipped you off that I like to write about the agony in life when my blog is called having a bad crohn’s day…I like to keep you guessing.

However, the art of the Haiku is right up my alley. Concise, simple, beautiful. Just the way I think the written word should be (please disregard all previous rambling posts).

This is me in my writing habitat. The beret helps the creativity flow.
Here is a small sampling of my Crohn’s related haikus-some of them are very deep and are on a lot of different levels, so get your expectations way up. It’s like Basho Matsuo-but more modern and about Crohn’s. Hope you like-you might notice a very mature theme. And Happy Poetry Month!

poop poop poop poop poop
this is poop haiku

Some festive poetry-get into that holiday spirit!

easter bunnies poop
a big golden egg o’ fun
for kids to open

Back to reality...

the people poop too
but kids should please beware
no prize for you there

This one is for my Crohnie's and my UC'ers!

how crohnies can poop
the inflamed small intestines
can cause quite a stir!

i wrote this today
cause having a bad crohn’s day
mustn’t be all bad

In all seriousness...

express yourself now
all the world can judge away
words can set you free


  1. I just want you to know that I love all of your drawings!

  2. Thanks so much Jason!

  3. At the parks department today I saw a "Haiku Handbook" on the $1 donation table, I immediately thought of you and recited to Tyler:
    poop poop poop poop poop
    this is poop haiku
    If I had $1 I would have bought it but I'm poor. End of story.