Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(P)oops, I did it again

I'm raising money and running the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas on Decmeber 4, 2011 for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) again! Because when I think of charity, I think of Las Vegas.

My goal is to double what I raised last year! So do yourself a favor and just donate already. It will give you warm fuzzies in your heart (the good kind, not the kind where you have to go to a doctor). http://www.donate4nadia.com/ And if you don't donate, I will hunt you down and beat you up and take your lunch money.

If you want to be inspired, here is the national video where they recap the Las Vegas and Napa half marathons. Somehow my extreme enthusiasm made the video, perhaps because IT CANNOT BE CONTAINED. Look for my national debut at the 44 second mark, and then cheering with Team Wisconsin at 1:14 and 1:53.

So try and stay calm for a few minutes while you go to my fundraising page and donate...then after that, by all means.....GO FREAKIN' CRAZY! It is Vegas after all!

As a special incentive and to kick things off there is a special prize for the top contributor in the first week.  Whoever (or whomever) donates the highest cumulative amount in the first week will get a home cooked meal prepared by me!  To let you know exactly the caliber we're talking here is a small sampling (okay it's pretty much an exhausive list) of some meals I have prepared.

Nadia's menu: Macaroni and cheese. Yes, from the box, specialty (when in season-Spongebob and Cars), tacos, spaghettic, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, probably almost any sandwich you want actually, vegetables (made in a microwave!), and many more (...not really). I will also accept requests, but I make absoltely no guarantees as to the accuracy or quality of what you ask for except the guarantee that it will  blow your mind!

*Drinks also included, you lucky thing you!

I taste yummy and make you smart!
Warning: A chance of fire and/or getting burned is extremely likely. Try to wear clothes and hair product that is not easily flammable. If you bring a fire extinguisher, I will in no way be offended.

What are you waiting for? Go donate already!! http://www.donate4nadia.com/

Deadline is THIS FRIDAY!!!


  1. crap, I wanted to win this!

  2. Technically there's a tie, so whoever breaks the tie will win!