Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good news-I didn't die!

And I ran on snow today. So all around a pretty good day. My post about the race is soon to follow, but I thought I had to cover the basics first, i.e. I am not dead.

While you might think that this would obvious since you’re reading this, I did contemplate having some posts pre-written in case of my untimely death to be published posthumous. However, luckily (for you) I was too lazy/drugged up to do so, and now you get the fresh (slightly less drugged) material!

To put it concisely (which I won’t), I had travel problems. I was traveling on standby and basically everything that could have gone wrong did. On the way to Vegas and on the way back to non-Vegas.

  • Bad weather-check.
  • Miss layover flight due to delay-check.
  • Not get on stand-by flight because plane is overbooked-CHHHHHHHHHHHHHECK.
Here is a representation of the flight pattern that the airline suggested I take home from Vegas to Milwaukee. And this was after the 1:30 and 3:30 flight were booked, so this was a maybe from a 7:30pm flight starting from Las Vegas to L.A. This would have gotten me back to Milwaukee in approximately a week in a half. Yet they were somewhat surprised to hear my polite tactful disagreement with this plan.

Warning: drawn exactly to scale.  And yes, that is a layover in Hawaii.
 Update: Apparently I was not clear enough with exactly how my "polite tactful disagreement" was expressed.  No, I don't have tourettes syndrome (well maybe self-diagnosed); I just had a minor relapse into my college swearing days.  Even my poor mother, the most easily to freak-out person I know, had to tell me to calm down.

Look at that above map.  You tell me that if someone suggested something close to that to you in a seemingly completely serious tone, that you wouldn't go "ballistic apeshit".  That's what I thought.  See you on the seas Sailor!

My desire for a red sky has been limited by the tools I have to use; I hope to update this picture in the future to capture the real essence of my swearing problem.

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