Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 New Year Wallpaper

3...2...1.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Here is a wallpaper so that your computer (or your phone) can celebrate New Years too! This is a picture of someone (could be anyone) and their super sweet dance moves dancing the year away. Although I'm not a fan of new years resolutions in general because I don't think you should wait until the new year to better your life, I have actually come up with a couple that I'm pretty excited about.

1. A year without the Crazy.  I'm talking no contact, none.  An entire year without Crazy? Doesn't that sound awwwwwesome and freeing!  And really, everyone should strive for a year without crazy and drama. Some people get power over bringing other people down and creating drama, but then a lot of those people graduate from high school.... I mean people have to grow up sometime, don't they?  No....?  Oh well.  If only there was a way to block text messages...*sigh*...I will just keep ignoring.  I'm going to stay strong and not let the Crazy bring me down in 2011!

2. Lose the "polar bear" in me.  Yes, this is a weight issue, and yes I know how annoying that is to everyone so I won't go into it that much, but I would like to start eating more healthy.  And let's just say I'd like to stop hearing people yell "earthquake!!!" when I run down the street.

3. Stay healthy. While I am mostly talking about preventing a Crohn's flare-up, this also relates to running, soccer, and other physical injuries that could happen. I got pretty beat up in my soccer game last night and I have to realize that at this point in my soccer "career" it's just not worth challenging some 18 year old kid because even if I win the ball, he is probably going to break my hip.  I also can't get sick because I am off COBRA and starting a new health insurance plan that doesn't cover Crohn's for the first year since it's a pre-existing condition. Stupid p.e.c...... oh well, here's to staying healthy!

4. Sub-4 Marathon. I almost didn't put this one on here, because it's more of a goal than a resolution....but I figure if I put it in writing, now I have to do it. I am going to do it.

5. Do something every month that scares me. Since almost everything scares me, this will give me a lot of options. Writing this blog really scared me-opening up my thoughts, ramblings, and health issues for the world (okay-5 people of the world) to see.  Hopefully I can keep up the trend in 2011.  But if we stop challenging ourselves to see what we are capable of, then what's the point? Here's to personal growth!

So I hope each year only continue to get better for you-new year, new you, new opportunities. And get a kick-start on that exercise resolution by dancing the night away! If you want any lessons on my dance moves, just let me know and we can make that happen and then you too, can look like this picture. I call these my "super sweet dance lessons" you know they're good.

Here's to the New Year!  Cheers!

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