Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hot Things #3-Fire Friends

This is Fire.  He tries to burn me all the time, usually successfully.
It's official. I have a problem.  I burned myself again yesterday.  Here are a list of my appliances who have intentionally and maliciously attacked me.

1.) Pot of boiling water
2.) Iron (aka the devil's hand)
3.) Hair straightener

Yes, I burned myself trying to straighten my hair.  It got me right on the upper inside of my left thumb.  I have realized that this is in great part society's fault for trying to make everything in my life neat and straight-clothes, hair.  Stop trying to put me in a box world!!!  Let me be free!

Below is a graphical representation of what my left hand now looks like.  This is an actual tracing of my hand so if you put your hand up to the computer's like we're holding hands.  Did you do it???? Oh man, you are so creepy.

I'm not sure why I made my burn scar a pirate.  Just seemed right.
Well you know what they say, when there's nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.


  1. It's a shout-out! Way to recognize. Hence the "well-known". I cited it... so it's legit.

  2. Too legit to quit!