Friday, January 14, 2011

Drink for Crohn's!

It's finally here!!  The time you (and mostly me) have been waiting for....for about 7 months now.  Although I am sure you have already heard of this awesome Team Challenge fundraising party that was basically created on Wednesday and it is now Friday, the details are below:

When: yeah, today, in like 2 hours.  6pm start!
Where: Karma Bar & Grill, 600 E Ogden Ave, Milwaukee, WI
Who: Anyone and everyone who is cool!! (and who is available to come on 2 days notice)
What: Raising some freakin cash for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation!
Why:  Too many reasons to list!  Okay, I will try. 1) raise awareness-crohnawhat?, 2) make some money to find a CURE for Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis, 3) Because you're not cool unless ou go.

$5 for a drink ticket for a "Crohntini" (yeah, we thought that up ouselves) for up to two tickets.  So basically $10 = 2 drink tickets!  Please feel free to give more!  I bedazzled the crap out of a fish bowl for donations, so it's basically going to be hard not to throw money into it.  There might also be a special prize you get for donating more (okay I admit, there is one!!  I can't keep secrets).

Stay tuned for pics on how the event turns out!  G2 (yeah, he's like a G6), the head of the party planning committee, was in charge of creating a flyer for the event, and apparently this is what he thinks it will look like.

So yeah, pretty much get your expectationss way up.  And although some people were really into me raffling a "hug +", we've decided to go with a 50/50 raffle instead, drawing to be held at 9pm, *must be present to win

Since we already ran for Crohn's...
it's time to drink for Crohn's!  I mean come on's for charity, suck it up.

UPDATE:!!!!!!!!! I had to put exclimation points after the update even because this event was SO AMAZING!!!  Can I just say that it is now a statistically proven fact that I have the bestest most awesomest friends ever.  Not only did I get over triple the amount of people I was hoping for, but we crushed my fundraising goal!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out or otherwise supported me, especially on such short notice.  Just wait until my next Team Challenge, and we can do it all over agian!!!  (maybe with a little less ice throwing....yes, you know who you are)

I will update with some pics soon!  And by soon, I mean sometime this year.

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