Saturday, February 5, 2011

Packer SUPER BOWL XLV Wallpaper

I will admit-epic failure on Aaron Rodgers' beard-it's actually better than it originally was when it appeared that his helmet had a rash.  Also, those are "dance lines" for BJ Raji's classic touchdown dance.  They scream "hip fluidity".

As the title suggests, this is a Super Bowl XLV Wallpaper. And although I made absolutely no reference to the super bowl in the wallpaper, just take my word for it, it is definitely a super bowl wallpaper.  I guess I could make some reference to it...but I don't know how, and there isn't anymore room because there is already a maximum amount of awesomeness in it and any more might cause your computer screen to explode.
Let's just say that it's a Packer wallpaper, the Super Bowl is tomorrow, and use your right sign of your brain to do the rest.

I wanted to do a Puppy Bowl VII wallpaper, because the puppies are way cuter and they have less steriod abuse (slightly).  I simply ran out of time because as you can tell from the level of detail on this wallpaper, it more than makes up for my 3-week hiatus from blogging.  I'll see what I can do about the puppy bowl wallpaper but I make no promises.

Here is a link to the video of the puppy bowl if for some weird reason you don't know what this is.  My suggestion to all you not so die-hard football fans, when you're at your Super Bowl party and everyone is really into the game, and the score is close, and a vital play is coming up...and that one dude who takes it way too seriously is standing up screaming at the tv..... this is the perfect moment to grab the remote and switch the channel to Puppy Bowl.  Then stand-up and scream "Puppy Bowl!!!"  Really loud and with a lot of enthusiasm.  There is no way this can backfire.  I mean seriously, it's puppies running around playing with plush footballs.  If their hearts don't melt, they probably don't have a soul.

If I didn't sell it already, did I mention there is a kitten halftime and this year they have added hamsters flying a blimp.  I mean seriously.... hamsters flying a blimp?!!  Bravo Animal Planet.  Bravo.

I guess I forgot to mention the obvious fact that this is a Packer themed wallpaper.  For all of my international fans, the Green Bay Packers are a team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is in the middle of the United States.  Yes, there are states between California and New York.  I am from central Wisconsin, went to undergraduate near Green Bay, and like every other Wisconsinite should be (and countless others around the nation), I bleed green and gold (literally).  So this holiday wallpaper is making a blog appearance because in my book, this is a national holiday and it deserves its proper respect.  And that respect shall be shown through my wallapper.

So show some Packer pride and cheer on the Green and Gold tomorrow.  And let your computer get in the spirit by giving it a little somethin' somethin' to wear too (hint-this wallpaper).

As the saying goes, Go Pack Go!!

P.S. Steeler fans, I'd like to see you try watching the game without eating any cheese or drinking any beer.  Boom.

P.P.S.  I forget which team we beat to get to the Super Bowl?  Double Boom.

Update:  I updated the wallpaper to change the end zone to a darker green (and fired my football field consultant).  Because I am nothing if not dedicated to attention to detail and drawing to scale.

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