Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hello Egypt

My good friend is leaving for Amsterdam and Egypt today, and in case he dies, which he better not, I wanted to do something to say farewell and to say thanks as he has really helped me raise money for my fundraiser (insert shameless plug here:  (Hint: If you donate, maybe you'll get an awesome pic like this too!)

This picture that I drew of him in Egypt I feel will not only move everyone who sees it and will probably have the Egypt tourism department contacting me ASAP to do some promotional information for them, but will probably also serve as some sort of life-shield should he come into any danger.

Please note that I tried several times to draw a camel and it did not work. I have decided to compromise and attach a separate (yet still unsuccessful) picture of a can put them together in your head.

Also, these are clearly whatever type of birds that are native to Egypt (and no, I didn't take the time to look that up).

Safe travels and have fun!!

Keeping it cool-Cairo style!

'Cause camels are cool too!

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