Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day Wallpaper

Barely got this in...sorry, it has been busy and draining times dealing with the Crazy.

For your viewing pleasure, below is a Veterans Day themed wallpaper that will make your computer screen sigh with bliss.

Although I'm sure you can obviously tell what it is, I will tell you anyway.  That is a Veteran.  He is saluting.  I was going to draw clothes on him...but that was far too complicated for my artistic abilities.

You will notice the bald eagles.  They do look similar to my bats, but they are clearly bald eagles due to the white head.

Also, I put that nest thing in the tree.  After I did that, I knew I should no longer mess with perfection.  A true artist knows when to stop.



  1. Wow, Nadia! -- The true scope of your Veterans' Day wallpaper only becomes apparent when looking carefully at the myriad details.

    The flag clearly tells us we're looking into an alternate universe were the U.S. was founded with 15 colonies (15 stripes) but ended up with only 18 states (18 stars). (So does that mean that in this alternate universe most of the western states never joined the U.S.? Or perhaps the Confederacy was successful in seceding from the Union during the Civil War?)

    The fact that the two eagles have disguised their nest to look like an owl's hole tells us those birds are far more clever than in our universe. Perhaps owls in that alternate universe possess Harry Potter-esque magical powers, which means eagles needed to evolve keen intelligence in order to complete in the avian food chain. (The eagles' ability to physically mimic bats also could come in handy when competing for Acme Brand Bird Seed.)

    Finally the fact that the Veteran is saluting with his left hand shows that lefthanded-ness (and hence right-brain dominance) is the norm in this alternate universe. That makes complete sense, because then it would be a far more creative, artistic universe than our own. And of course you naturally would choose to use your own artistic abilities to illustrate a universe that honors artistic skill and accomplishments.

    Keep up the good work! And remember that Thanksgiving is fast approaching ...

  2. Kevin...I don't know how to say this, but I think your comment vastly exceeds the wonderness that is my wallpaper. Not only are your perception and analysis skills pretty amazing, but your appreciation for great art is spot-on, and is a skill you should really be proud of.

    I can't answer all of your questions definitely because I like my viewers to come to their own's kind of like Inception.

    Thanks for the laugh...and yes, I already have some creative ideas rumbling around in my head for Thanksgiving. I am trying to figure out how to trace my hand on the computer....