Friday, November 12, 2010

We've Gone International!!!

As many of you know, I am a fan of traveling and really respect and enjoy different cultures.  Well it turns out the world feels the same way about my blog of sarcastic ramblings.  My only interpretation of this is that they can't understand what I'm writing (as English is probably their second language and since many people for who English is their first language probably don't understand this...well, you get it).

Anyway, apparently my friend checked this blog in Egypt and made my Veterans Day Wallpaper (see below) the background on the computer where he checked it (which I believe was a dusty shanty close to Libya). That...really cracks me up.  My "art" is now internationalHowever, since then, the list of countries that have viewed this blog has exploded!  (Please note that before today the list consisted of....United States).'

As of right now:

United States 779

Belgium 10
South Africa 9
Canada 7
Sweden 6
Denmark 5
Egypt 5
Vietnam 5
Australia 4
Russia 4
France 2
Poland 2
Puerto Rico 2
Portugal 2

What the heck???  I have no idea! But way to go Belgium!  You're a very close second! I can only presume that, like me, they are drawn to bright and shiny objects like my drawings. Vielen dank, Merci, Shookrin, Thanks....and many more for your viewership!

Another update! For the first time ever, we broke triple digits in one day!!  I'm not sure what accidental search engine this is showing up on, but I apologize in advance to all of you unsuspecting viewers.  Having said that, you're welcome.

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